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  1. ABIM is a money making fraudulent scheme posing as quality measure monitoring organization. They collected $55 million dollars from fee last year for this bogus ABIM certificate is ridiculous. Shame!! on them as regulators and as a organization as a whole. They create unnecessary pressure on us as physicians and then talk about cost cutting measures when they themselves are compensated so high. Imagine a new graduate has to shell out $ 2000.00 to pay them to satisfy this useless system. Abolish ABIM!! if I have my say into it. We need more action from ABIM and not lip service by making few tweets in their recent response. They still are charging money and actually refund my money since I am no more interested in this racquet. Hopeless ABIM and it’s members and feel free to forward this response to them.
    Mohit Anand, MD

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