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Harmed by MOC | Email from Graham Dickerson, John 2018

From: J Graham Dickerson <>
Date: January 4, 2018 at 4:50:58 PM PST
Subject: Teladoc termination

Here is another story about the extortion of the ABFM i.e ABMS

To whom it may concern:

I have been in practice for 17 years and provide quality care to all patients. I have been tested through medical school residency and even recertified several times with the American Board of family medicine. I did so not because it improved quality of care but because I felt forced to by insurance companies and organizations who put an undeserved status of recognition for these organizations that extort money and time from physicians. I have spent thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in maintaining a title that has no significant meaning.Therefore this year I decided to let my board certification expire with the American Board of family medicine. I am now board-certified with another entity called National board of physicians and surgeons that has reasonable and meaningful criteria for the title “board certification”I can only hope that this organization does not go down the path of extortion that the American Board of family medicine has. I have faithfully serve Teladoc in the pioneer industry of virtual medicine and the care I provide has not changed. I understand that there Is most likely a desire by your company to appear to have exceptional physicians, however I ask you to reevaluate why you place so much importance on board certification by the American Board of family medicine when it has essentially no correlation to quality care. Therefore the requirement by any organization to force their employees to pay money and go through time consuming activities unrelated to the care of their patients to get a title that has no clinical significance is participating in a criminal enterprise called ABFM. To imply that I am no longer “as good” as the other physicians who have taken long tests and spent thousands of dollars on a title that even the AMA considers unrelated to quality of care. I suggest you look into the history of how these for profit companies came into existence. Interestingly the physicians who decided on “recertification” every 7-10 years where grandfathered in to be lifetime certified with no further recertification. You might want to check and see if you are employing some of these older physicians, they might no be a “qualified” physicians as I am now to Teladoc

Thank you,
Dr.John Graham Dickerson