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Harmed by MOC | Email From Landers, Catherine 2017

From: Catherine Landers <>
Date: Wed, Dec 27, 2017 at 8:17 PM
Subject: Moc

Dear Dr or Mr Teirstein,

I accumulated so many hours of mksap study to recertify my abim status and passed.
In order to maintain my status I needed to complete an MOC activity and connected to a link provided by the abim.
The link took me to a John’s Hopkins cme page offering 6 hours of credit until 8-2018. This was submitted to the accme website. I was directed to that website to check if cme was recorded.

The certificates of completion show an expiration date of 11/29/2017 even though the link states the course is offered until later in 2018.

Abim has not updated my completion of these courses. I was directed to the accme website that does not let me sign on. I wrote to abim and sent my certificates but was told that I have to choose an approved course that I have already done provided by their link on a secure sign in.
I finally wrote to John Hopkins cme department and have reached someone who is turning my request over to someone else who is supposed to be in charge of the department.

So I paid $1600. For maintenance of certification, about $500 for board testing, another $1000 for a board prep course, $500 for acp membership, $500 for each of 2 mksap 2016 and 2017, completed all of the mksap and have to do an Moc activity which is done.

I do have many words I could use here but because I want to keep this reprintable I will just say that it is no wonder that doctors are leaving in droves.

Count me in.

Catherine R Landers, MD
BOARD CERTIFIED 1995,2005,2015