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Harmed by MOC | Email From Remenchik, Ellen 2017

From: Remenchik, MD, Ellen
Date: Monday, June 5, 2017 2:26 PM
Subject: board certification with your organization.


I am an almost 64 yr old physician, previously board certified by ABIM and ABPM – but at my age I don’t want to take another 8 hour test.

I am credentialed with insurance companies…but to enhance my credentials (as I want to find a new job position in primary care), I was strongly considering board certification thru your organization.

I have to complete 100 hours of CME as my boards expired in 2015- I have completed around 50 hours, as required by the state of Texas.

Is your board gaining much acceptance from insurance companies…or employers?

I need to work at least 3 more years and would like to change jobs. Of course, having let my boards lapse disadvantages me.

My 20 years of academic experience no longer seems to impress anyone! Neither does my 32 years of medical experience…

I look forward to hearing from you,


Dr Ellen Remenchik
Former Asst Professor, Mayo COM, Baylor COM, UT Tyler Health Center.
Previously Board Certified by ABIM and ABPM, Internal and Occupational Medicine
San Antonio TX