As of March 4th, the new version 5.2 of URAC’s IRO programs went live and IROs can now use physicians with any board certification that is recognized by a government entity.  Please reference their program guides for more information (e.g., IR-RCQ 1-5 or IR-RCQ 1‑6). The revised IRO standards were reviewed by URAC’s Health Standards Committee and approved by the URAC Board.

URAC will provide a free (live and recorded) webinar later in the spring highlighting the changes for version 5.2.  An email notice will be sent to IROs next month containing the specific date and time and login information.


What does this mean for NBPAS diplomates working with IRO Accredited Organizations and IRO Applicant Organizations? 

This revision provided an opportunity to refine and simplify standards and eliminate “nested” mandatories as well as any reference to specific Board certifications.  URAC now acknowledges the same board certifications accepted by a U.S. state or federal government entity. And when physician board certification is not addressed by a U.S. state or federal entity, the organization’s physician clinical leadership can determine which board certifications are acceptable for their program covered by the URAC accreditation. We recommend you contact your organization to share this new information and confirm their recognition of NBPAS board certification.