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  1. Here’s an amazing addendum this story. My certification in Anesthesia ended December 31, 2015. It was announced that starting January on the first business day a new MOCA 2.0 would be instituted that would make obsolete the previous every 10 year exam previously required of diplomats who’d been board certified previously (barring those perpetually grandfathered in). So I plan to continue my certification but am told that I must continue the antiquated mode of certification that the board abandoned apparently admitting that it was NOT the best method to “assure physician knowledge that benefits patient care most completely”.

    Hmmmm… how od that they’d INSIST that I pay 10 year in advance for a mode of certification deemed ineffective. Well now, I suppose they’d already budgeted my 10 year payment into their accounting prospects. I mean… why ELSE would they deny me the right to continue using a new more modern and effective way to assure the quality of care provided to my patients was up to par?

    If is sound fishy, that’s only because it is.

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