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Several states now have anti-MOC legislation pending. Recently the Georgia legislature passed HB 165, similar to Oklahoma’s SB 1148 which prohibits Maintenance of Certification (MOC) as a condition of licensure or reimbursement from third parties. However, the ABMS and its member boards have been heavily lobbying state legislators to defeat the pending bills. Those of us opposed to MOC must educate the legislators in these states regarding how MOC requirements are onerous, expensive, have no proven benefit, and are forced on physicians by conflicted, self-appointed private ABMS member boards.

ABMS Lobbying Materials: Pro-MOC “Talking Points”

The ABMS distributed a ‘legal analysis’ of MOC for Oklahoma House Bill 1710. You can view some of their pro-MOC lobbying materials by clicking here for their ‘talking points’ or clicking here for their ‘legal analysis’. The ABMS has significant funds for lobbying, but the overwhelming majority of physicians and patients support the anti-MOC effort. This is why it is so important to take 5 minutes and make your voice be heard by contacting your state representatives through the simple system and sample letters we have created for you. (Click here to effortless contact your state representatives – instructions below).

Contact Your Representative

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• You will be asked to “register” by entering in your name and address.
• Your address will pull your specific state bill and the tailored letter for your specific state.
• If your state currently has no anti-MOC legislation pending, your letter will encourage your representatives to create anti-MOC legislation.

Pending Legislation

There are many states with strong anti-MOC legislation pending. To view all the sample letters, we have written by state, see below:
New York
Rhode Island
For states with no pending legislation click here

Spread the word!

We need your help to go up against the lobbying effort of the ABMS. Tell your colleagues, your patients, your med staff office for hospital wide distribution, your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social media friends. You can refer them directly to this website. Here are some resources to assist.

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