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Click here to view Dr. Teirstein’s presentation at the California Medical Association in October of 2016 – What’s Wrong with MOC and Re-Certification?

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Young Physicians

The question of how to best pursue life-long learning is especially relevant for young physicians still in training and recent graduates. Developing pathways that provide continuous learning without being onerous, burdensome or unduly expensive are essential.

The NBPAS Young Physician’s Alliance (NBPAS YPA), lead by Dr. Correa Ricardo focuses on creating a dialog with recent graduates and trainees, to spread the word and optimize life-long learning opportunities for young people. You can contact him by emailing alliance@nbpas.org.

Sample Letters and Presentations to Download

To download a PowerPoint presentation for your healthcare administrators and colleagues, CLICK HERE.

To download a sample letter to your Credentials Committee, MEC, Chief of Staff, administrators, or insurers, CLICK HERE.

To download a sample letter to your colleagues, CLICK HERE.

To download a sample letter to payers, CLICK HERE.

To download the PowerPoint presentation from Dr. Teirstein’s debate at the CMA HOD, Sacramento California, October 16th, 2016 CLICK HERE

Petition To Have Bylaws Changed

For a sample med staff petition and instructions, CLICK HERE.