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NBPAS Newsletter – Spring 2020

Dear Colleagues,

In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, NBPAS will be providing a 6-month extension to certifications expiring between now and August 31st, 2020. We know many conferences and meetings have been cancelled around the country and we hope that this will give you the time needed to complete your ACCME accredited CMEs. When you complete your renewal, your certification will be backdated showing no lapse in board certification.

NBPAS is here to support you as we tackle this growing health crisis. If you need additional assistance with your recertification, please contact us at info@nbpas.org.

As we stand together to fight MOC, we will do the same to fight COVID-19!

NBPAS MOC Debate Update

At the February 2020 California Radiology Society meeting in Los Angeles, Dr. Paul Teirstein discussed the current status of MOC alongside the American Board of Radiology President, Dr. Valerie Jackson.  

Click on the image below to view Dr. Teirstein’s presentation. You can also download the slides to use in your own presentations on MOC. You can find presentation resources on the NBPAS website: https://nbpas-wp.zx7n6wa5ck-xmz4qxlox32o.p.temp-site.link/advocacy-center/moc-debate/ 

Advocacy News

New Anti-MOC legislation in Missouri Under Review

Introduced on January 27, 2020 by Senator Bob Onder (Internal Medicine Physician)

Senate Bill 933: 

“Under this act, hospitals, health care facilities, and institutions owned, operated, or licensed by the state are prohibited from conditioning employment or the granting of medical staff privileges of a physician based on his or her maintenance of certification or maintenance of licensure. 

This act also prohibits health carriers from conditioning physician reimbursement or participation in the carrier's health plans on a physician's maintenance of certification or maintenance of licensure.”

To support the bill click here: https://nbpas-wp.zx7n6wa5ck-xmz4qxlox32o.p.temp-site.link/support-the-new-missouri-anti-moc-bill/

Tennessee Physician Suing American Board of Radiology for a Second Time

What is different this time around?  They are now labeling ABR’s Maintenance of Certification as a continuing medical education-type product; noting that other CME vendors do not sell initial certification. The suit attempts to establish that the initial certification and MOC are separate products, and that the American Board of Radiology is violating the law by tying the two together.

Read more: https://nbpas-wp.zx7n6wa5ck-xmz4qxlox32o.p.temp-site.link/tennessee-physician-takes-second-crack-at-suing-american-board-of-radiology-over-worthless-certification-requirements/

Other NBPAS News

URAC Releases Change to Board Certification Standard for its Independent Review Organization (IRO) Accreditation Programs

We have received a few calls regarding a change in how URAC (Utilization Review Accreditation Commission) recognizes board certification. Albeit confusing, it is our understanding that on March 4th URAC now allows programs accredited by URAC to choose what board certification requirements they deem acceptable. Previously, they only allowed accredited organizations to accept ABMS board certifications.

URAC’s specific language: URAC now acknowledges the same board certifications accepted by a U.S. state or federal government entity. And when physician board certification is not addressed by a U.S. state or federal entity, the organization’s physician clinical leadership can determine which board certifications are acceptable for their program covered by the URAC accreditation.

If you have questions regarding this change, we recommend contacting your organization or URAC directly to better understand the recent changes. 


New NBPAS Accepting Hospitals Added!

Five (5) new accepting hospitals have been added this quarter! View the updated hospitals list at https://nbpas-wp.zx7n6wa5ck-xmz4qxlox32o.p.temp-site.link/hospitals-accepting-diplomates/

Keep in mind, some of these hospitals have changed their bylaws to allow alternatives to ABMS or AOA certification that include NBPAS without specifically naming NBPAS.

Please email info@nbpas.org if your hospital now accepts NBPAS or alternative board certifications, or if you have any questions.

NBPAS Diplomate Reminders

New Member Portal!

Upload CME documents, check certification status, order printed certificates, update contact information, and more from the new Member Portal now available on our website. Visit nbpas.org/ and click on “Member Portal” in the top right corner of our homepage to login first.

Not sure of your login information? Contact us at (888) 861-4448 or info@nbpas.org for assistance.

Renewal Reminders

Are you NBPAS board certified and need to know when to renew?

Check your certificate (digital or printed), visit nbpas.org/verify-certification/ and search your name, or login to your new Diplomate Portal Dashboard to find your expiration date.

You will receive renewal reminder emails approximately three months prior to your expiration date, reminding you to renew. To do so, simply visit nbpas.org/apply-recertify/ to log in, submit the renewal application, fee, and evidence of CME hours. That’s it! Our turn-around for renewal application processing is about 2-4 weeks.

Details about acceptable CMEs are listed at nbpas.org/criteria/ and be sure to check our FAQ’s at nbpas.org/faqs/. If you have further questions, email us at info@nbpas.org.

Update your Contact Info

Has your contact information changed? New email address? Phone number? Have you moved?

Log in to your new Member Portal at nbpas.org/ to make updates. Or send an email to info@nbpas.org.

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