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Is NBPAS “accepted” or “recognized” by hospitals, payers (i.e. insurance companies), and state medical boards?

This is the most common question we receive. It is important to understand what ”accepted” or “recognized” means with respect to these types of organizations.

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If I am currently board certified but not due for re-certification for several years, should I still certify with NBPAS?

YES! While you could wait, the more physicians NBPAS certifies, the stronger and more influential it will be. This is a grass roots organization. We need your support.

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What specialties are offered?

We are currently accepting applications for all ABMS and AOA specialties. Check out our full list of specialties by clicking here.

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When applying for certification for multiple specialties, do I need all 50 hours in every specialty?

No, a total of 50 CME hours in any of the specialties applied for is sufficient.

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What are NBPAS requirements if I am "Grandfathered" in a specialty (I.E., ABMS exempts me from doing MOC)?

If you are grandfathered in a specialty, your certification has not, by definition, expired and you only need to submit at least 50 hours of CMEs completed in the past 24 months.

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