The National Board of Physicians and Surgeons Statement Regarding the New Proposed Cardiovascular Medicine Board

The NBPAS board of directors applauds the recent efforts of its cardiovascular medicine colleagues to step away from the ABIM and their burdensome and unproven ABIM MOC™ product. While we are supportive of the “breakaway” from ABIM, we have yet to learn the new cardiovascular board’s certification requirements. Until the details of these requirements are disclosed, we cannot comment.

The new cardiovascular board will be an ABMS member board. Of concern to NBPAS is the ABMS and AMA continue to orchestrate an aggressive and unprofessional effort to eliminate NBPAS and competition from the certification market. 

We await further information about the new board’s proposal, but our hope is its focus follows NBPAS’s lead and returns to serving the needs of practicing physicians and their patients. NBPAS was founded to not only provide physicians, in all specialties, a choice in continuous board certification, but to also provide healthy competition in the board certification market so that no single entity would exert monopolistic control over the practice of medicine.

The NBPAS requirements for continuous certification were a result of a great deal of discussion amongst our board in 2014 (which contained many cardiologists in those early days). After careful consideration we made “accredited CME in your specialty” the backbone of continuous certification. We are proud of the NBPAS solution, and we know it supports physicians and their patients.

NBPAS offers continuous certification in all 150 medical specialties including the 4 cardiology specialties being addressed by the newly forming cardiology board. We will share more as we learn more.

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