Dr. Michael Gibson and Dr. Paul Teirstein on NBPAS - the Solution to ABIM MOC

August 09, 2023

The alternative continuous board certification is NBPAS.

The Pediatric Lounge Interviews NBPAS

July 25, 2023

Listen in to hear how NBPAS provides solutions to stress, burden, and burnout for all physicians.

The Career Rx Podcast for Doctors - "Continuous Certification via the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS)"

May 30, 2023

Should you maintain board certification if you switch to a nonclinical career? Are the...

The Pediatric Lounge - "The Case for Recertification through National Board of Physicians and Surgeons"

December 06, 2022

A discussion addressing many important questions about NBPAS, its recent inclusion in The Joint Commission standards,...

ZDoggMD - "You Can Help Make Better Doctors"

January 06, 2019

Dr. Paul Teirstein returns to ZDoggMD to discuss an ABMS report finding that Maintenance of Certification (MOC)...

ZDoggMD - "Meet The Doctor The American Board of Medical Specialties Wants Dead"

February 02, 2018

Dr. Paul Teirstein talks about the NBPAS grassroots movement with ZDoggMD.

MOC Opposition Continues to Gain Momentum as ASH Weighs In

October 05, 2023

Hematologists speak out against MOC

ABIM CEO Retirement Comes Amid Wave of Criticism

October 02, 2023

"No entity should be allowed to wield an expensiv...


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MOC: Where Do We Stand Today? – 20 mins

February 01, 2020

Dr. Paul Teirstein discussing the current status of MOC at the Californ...

What's Wrong With The MOC Process - 15 Min

October 16, 2016

Dr Teirstein debating Dr Lois Margaret Nora, CEO of the American Board ...