There's ONE organization providing a pathway to break free of onerous and arbitrary maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements.

Who We Are

NBPAS provides an alternative pathway for continuous board certification that is less expensive, less burdensome, specialty-specific, and clinically relevant to your own practice.

Why We Exist

Physicians founded NBPAS as a fledgling, grassroots movement to provide relief and an alternative to MOC. NBPAS now proudly certifies over 13,000 physicians at over 200+ hospitals nationwide.

What We Believe

Created for physicians, by physicians NBPAS believes that:

  • Physicians are passionate, highly trained, and self-directed life-long learners.
  • Physicians should have the autonomy to choose specialty learning best suited to their individual practices and unique patient populations.
  • Powerful special interests, through a well-established monopoly, are making hundreds of millions of dollars by mandating an unproven and burdensome product called "MOC", which has cemented a stranglehold over the physician profession.

The Problem

While there is very strong demand for the NBPAS certification pathway, NBPAS is currently not accepted by every hospital or payor due to the unrelenting lobbying efforts of ABMS and its partners to block our growth. We need your help, and the help of every burdened physician, to break this unfair monopoly. Without competitive pressure from NBPAS, physicians will lose control of their lifelong learning - permanently.

The Solution

We invite you to join NBPAS and become a vital part of a growing movement to end the board "re-certification" monopoly. Even if your hospital currently does not accept NBPAS certification, your support can make a significant impact.

Become NBPAS Board Certified

Decision-makers will likely ignore 1,000 physicians, they might even ignore 10,000 physicians, but they cannot ignore 100,000. There is undeniable strength in numbers.


NBPAS Physician Testimonials

The Outcome

Our recent efforts put the MOC monopoly on the radar of The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), US Department of Justice (DOJ), and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) who recently announced a joint effort to solicit public comments and root out harmful health care monopolies including "unnecessary physician recertification requirements."

What’s Next

NBPAS will not stop until physicians find relief from MOC. In the words of our founder, Dr. Paul Teirstein "Our profession is increasingly controlled by people not directly involved in patient care who have lost contact with the realities of day-to-day clinical practice, and that needs to change."