Tell us your thoughts about NBPAS!

NBPAS has been so painless, very unlike all the specialty organizations, MOC and hoops I am normally used to... this is a breath of fresh air and I really, really appreciate being part of the organization... I keep telling all my colleagues! Thanks again!

- Dr. Machin

Best reasonable option for maintenance of certification for busy and overworked US Physicians and Surgeons.

- Teo Nic

It’s about time we had an alternative to the nonsensical extortion scheme that’s currently in place!

- Chris Standley

Thank you for providing an affordable alternative. I've exceeded all of my CME requirements every year and practice evidence based medicine. I've been practicing for 20 years in a small solo practice in a small town, but I simply don't have the financial resources to meet the ABFM's cost for recertification and the MOC. I applaud you all.

- Ken Sharp

NBPAS will help physicians stick together when challenged by people who not at the bedside to take care of patients. We need to stay together and take back the practice and management of medicine. As a newly graduating physician, I have always been very disappointed with ABIM. I feel they are not representing physicians' interests. Thanks to Dr Teirstein for taking the first step.

- Richard

Ensures proficiency in one's field of specialty without the burden or disruption into one's own professional and personal life or contributing to the greedy cash-grab culture of the ABMS monolith.

- Michael Suls

Dropped my original certification this year. I am now solely boarded through the NBPAS. I am so incredibly proud of what this grassroots effort has accomplished and I continue to encourage more physicians to join our ranks.

- Gregory Gulick

Thank you! I certainly appreciate the NBPAS and it's goals and remain and will always do so as the organization represents True Maintenance of Certification in it's purest sense!!! By the end of this year, I will have received more than enough CME and continuing academic proof to recertify again in 2 years!! The organization represents the real meaning of being a physician and our love for Medicine!!!!


Thanks a million for my Certification by NBPAS. I am so happy and grateful!!

- Mohamed B. Jah, MD

Sincere appreciation for highly professional, and extremely efficient response, I congratulate the board of NBPAS having such exemplary super staff.

- Gholam

Thank you very much for the important work you do. I am definitely letting my colleagues know about NBPAS.

- Dr. Lobel

Alas, while ABIM-MOC “got it wrong,” the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS) is righting the wrongs. KUDOS! Let us physicians unite and do the right thing for our noble profession, and uphold our sacred physician-patient relationship. Thanks, NBPAS, for leading this vital charge to effect positive transformation for American Medicine.

- Pearl Wu, MD

Thank you so much for taking a stand against ABIM MOC scam. We fully support your efforts in establishing and promoting this alternative pathway. I know a lot of doctors are a bit nervous about this alternative Board. This is completely understandable. If we all band together and each and everyone of us play his or her to promote the new board and educate our colleagues and hospital administrations, I am confident that NBPAS will gain its recognition by our colleagues, hospitals and Insurers. Dr. Teirstein and his team deserve our support. Our immediate goal should be to spread the word and get our colleagues sign up , even if they are already participating in the ABIM MOC. This will help improve our strength and show our support to NBPAS. I would suggest following points, which in my opinion will help NBPAS to be recognized as a serious and credible Board. 1. NBPAS should take its roadshow to the national meetings of all the specialties to promote it self and educate our colleague. 2. We should work with Residency and Fellowship program directors and try to convince them to join hands with us. 3. Media campaigns. A few good news articles in NYT or WSJ will definitely help us. 4. NBPAS should seriously look into starting its own initial certification programs in next a few years. This will definitely establish NBPAS as a credible credentialing entity. Thank you again for all your hard work.

- Doug Pinto

I am glad we are raising the level of our opposition. Our society should create more doctors who are not just clerical data scientist who keep looking that laptop screen inside a patients room, but are compassionate human beings in the patient room providing patient care and not “laptop care”. What has happened to American Board certification is deplorable and I wish we could mount a stronger presence of defectors.

- Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, MD

I encourage all physicians to sign up for this alternative method of certification. This method of certification is based upon the time-honored practice of using CME credits as a way of documenting one’s continued commitment to enhancing one’s post residency/fellowship medical knowledge. Using CME credits allows the physician to take courses that hone their individual skill set instead of being forced to participate in mandated MOC which has little, if any, relevancy in individual practice. For someone who has opted out of the charade of MOC and time-limited certification exams in 2014, this gives me a vehicle for documenting what I have been doing all along, staying current, during my 21 year plus years of private practice. For once, we physicians must unite against the forces which are interfering with our ability to deliver care. Once this monkey is off our backs, let’s unite around other issues ( ICD-10, EHR, ACO’s, etc. ) and see if we can get our profession back.

- Ellen W. McKnight, MD

Woo hoo! Power to the people (physicians)! It’s about time we stopped being the pawn in everyone’s elses game/scam!

- Doug

I own a very specialized solo medical practice and haven’t performed traditional family medicine in years. However to see some of the patients that want to see me, it requires me to get certified for some insurances which require board certification. Not only I’m being forced to be tested on medical conditions that I will never see, I also have to spend money and time away from my practice, of which is getting less and less. It’s hard enough trying to keep a solo practice up and running in 2015. MOC is hurting doctors like me, as well as preventing us from reaching the patients we could help.

- Dr. Trent

Paul, Thank you for this brilliant move to help all of your colleagues to remain certified and to be able to focus on patient care, instead of being exploited by the self-serving ABMS. You have no idea how much this solution has brought peace to me. I have been outraged at how intimidating and demeaning it has become for us physicians, because of the constraints put on us by these self-appointed colleagues of ours, to determine if we are worthy to continue in our practice of medicine. I have re-certified several times. I have finally come to the conclusion that it is a racket and I decided no more, I had had enough of this having to prove worthiness to these strangers. Continuing medical education and low cost renewal respects us all as the hard working physicians that we are. Thank you, Paul, for bringing respect for one another back to our medical profession.

- Dr. Rosemary McHugh

Thank you so much for doing this!!! With such a trustworthy board, I really hope this organization gets the appreciation it deserves. I am practicing cardiologist, and I am in full support of this alternative to ABIM.

- Vladimir Fridman

Excellent idea for board certification. Easy to apply and very affordable! Very trustworthy board of directors as well.

- tigerdmb